Graphics Conference Deadlines

The following is a permanent list of regularly held computer graphics conferences and workshops around the world. Note that these are ordered based on the earliest expected submission dates (this may vary from year to year for most conferences).

If you would like to submit a recurrent Computer Graphics conference for inclusion, feel free to email me at beovar AT

PLEASE NOTE: Details may sometimes change and conference deadlines tend to vary by upto a month from year to year. Please check relevant conference websites for official details.


ECEM: European Conference on Eye Movements (Submission: Jan - Feb) [ Last checked 2011 ]
Biennial conference held around August in Europe
Special Topics: Eye-movements (not specific to Computer Graphics).

CASA: Computer Animation and Social Agents Conference (Sub: Jan - Feb) [Last Checked: 2016 ]
Annual Symposium held in various international venues
Special Topics: Animation Techniques, Social Agents and Virtual Reality
All accepted Full Papers published in the journal Computer Animation and Virtual Worlds (CAVW).


EGPGV: Eurographics Symposium on Parallel Graphics and Visualization [ 2016]
Now collocated with Eurovis with Deadlines in February - March
Annual symposium held in June at various venues in Europe
Special Topics: parallel graphics, visualisation, multicore, cluster, GPUs

CGI: Computer Graphics International (Sub: Dec-Feb) [ 2016 ]
Annual conference held between June and July at various international venues.
35 best accepted full papers are published in the journal "The Visual Computer", by Springer.
Special Topics: Computer Graphics

WSCG: International Conference in Central Europe on Computer Graphics, Visualization and Computer Vision (Sub: Jan - Feb) [URL]
Annual conference held in June in Czech Republic; Deadline changed to February for 2012

Spring Conference on Computer Graphics (Sub: Feb - Mar) [ URL ]
Annual Conference held in Slovakia.

IV: International Conference on Information Visualisation [ 2016 ]
Annual conference held in July at venues in Europe.
Special Topics: Information visualization.

SIACG: Ibero American Symposium on Computer Graphics (Sub: Feb - Mar) [Last Checked: 2011]
Biennial symposium held in venues in Latin Amarica and Europe
Special Topics: Computer Graphics in Spain Portugal and Latin-America.
No apparent updates since 2011


**SMI: Shape Modelling International (Sub: Mar - May) ** [ 2016 ]
Annual symposium held at various venues around the world.
Special Topics: modelling, simulating, processing shapes
Full and Short Papers published in the Elsevier - Computers and Graphics Journal

EGSR: Eurographics Symposium on Rendering (Sub: late Mar - Apr.) [Last Checked: 2016 ]
Annual Symposium (formerly EG Rendering Workshop) held in Europe.
Special Topics: Rendering.
Papers published in Computer Graphics Forum journal.

VolVis: IEEE/SIGGRAPH Symposium on Volume Visualization and Graphics
biennial Symposium held in October at venues in the US. Usually co-located with IEEE Vis.
Special Topics: Volume Visualization and Graphics.

Appears to be discontinued

VIS: IEEE Visualization / VisWeek [ URL ]
Annual symposium held around October at various venues in the US.
Includes SciViz, InfoViz and VAST
Special Topics: Visualization.
Papers published in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (TVCG) journal

ISMAR: IEEE International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality (Sub: April-May) [URL]
Annual symposium held around October-November at various international venues.
Special Topics: Mixed and Augmented Reality.
Papers published in IEEE TVCG journal


International Symposium on Smart Graphics (Submission: Apr - May) [ URL ]
Annual Symposium held Spring to Summer at various international venues.
Accepted papers usually published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science by Springer.
Special Topics: Graphical interfaces that are sensitive to technological, computational and cognitive constraints.

Expressive Joint symposium on .. [ 2014 ]
Computational Aesthetics
Sketch-based Interfaces and Modelling
Non-Photorealistic Animation and Rendering
Joint Symposium now collocated with Siggraph
Special Topics: Non-photorealistic Animation and Rendering

SCA: The ACM Siggraph/Eurographics Symposium on Computer Animation [ URL ]
Annual Symposium co-located with the Siggraph or Eurographics conferences between late July to early September.
Special Topics: Computer Animation.

SGP: Symposium on Geometry Processing [ 2015 ]
New Annual Symposium held in June/July. First four events have been in Europe.
Special Topics: Geometry processing.

SAP: Symposium on Applied Perception [ URL ]
Formerly APGV. Annual symposium in Europe and collocated with Siggraph in the US on alternating years.
Special Topics: Perception in Graphics and Visualization.
Deadline around April if co-located with Siggraph, possibly later (e.g. in 2009, June) on alternate years at European venue.

Pacific Graphics [ Last Checked: 2012 ]
Annual conference held at various venues in Easter Asia and Canada around October.

High Performance Graphics (Sub: Apr - May) [ URL ]
Annual Workshop held between July and September (Europe/USA). HPG was formed by merging of the Graphics Hardware workshop and the Symposium on Interactive Ray Tracing co-located with Siggraph in alternating years and in Europe the next.
Special Topics: Graphics Hardware, parallel graphics, real-time rendering

Siggraph Sketches Talks/Posters due around this time


SIBGRAPI: Brazilian Symposium on Computer Graphics and Image Processing
Annual Symposium help around October in Brazil

CGI (See above) Short Papers due around May


** ICCGAI - International Conference on Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence (Submission: Jan - Feb)** [ Last checked: 2012 ]
Annual conference historically held in May at Limoges (France) but in recent years also in Greece
Special Topics: Computer Graphics research using Artificial Intelligence techniques—
Appears to be discontinued.

Symposium on Visualization @ SIGGRAPH Asia 2017
Annual symposium collocated with SIGGRAPH Asia (in Asia)

MMM: International Conference on Multi-media Modelling (Sub: Jun - Jul)
Annual conference established in 1993, held in various international venues.
Special Topics: Representation, processing, interaction, integration, communication, and retrieval of multimedia information.

VDA: Conference on Visualization and Data Analysis
Annual conference usually held in January 18-24, 2004 in California, USA.
Special Topics: All aspects of visualization.

VRIPhys: Workshop on Virtual Reality Interaction and Physical Simulation (Sub: Jun) [2014]
In collaboration with Eurographics
Annual Symposium usually held in Europe
Special Topics: animation, vr/ar, simulation


MiG : International Conference on Motion in Games [2014]
Annual Conference held in Europe and USA
Special Topics: Animation, Games


ISVC: International Symposium on Visual Computing (Deadlines Range from May-August depending on Venue) [URL]
Annual symposium usually held in Nevada, USA.
Special Topics: Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Visualisation, Virtual Reality.

CAD/Graphics (Sub: Aug) [ 2013 ]
Biennial International conference held in China with varying deadlines
Special Topics: Computer Graphics and Computer Aided Design
Accepted papers published in Computers and Graphics journal


I3D: ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games
Annual conference held in April in the US
Special Topics: 3D computer graphics and human interaction.

ETRA: Eye-tracking Research and Applications
Biennial Symposium held in March in the US.
Special Topics: Eye-tracking, gaze, visual attention and other related topics.

IEEE Virtual Reality Conference
Annual conference held in March in the US
Special Topics: Virtual reality.

Symposium on Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Environment and Teleoperator Systems
Annual symposium co-located with IEEE-VR
Special Topics: Haptic interfaces.

Geometric Modelling and Processing
Biennial conference held in April (3 conferences since 2000) in Asia.
Special Topics: Solid modeling, shape representation and geometric computation.

Annual conference in Europe now held in April


IEEE Pacific Visualization Symposium 2017
Annual conference held around April in Asia.
Special Topics: Visualization

International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications
Annual conference held in May/June at various international venues.
Special Topics: Modelling and processing of shapes and their properties.

ACM Symposium on Solid Modeling and Applications.
Annual Symposium held in June at various international venues.
Special Topics: Solid modeling, geometric modeling, and geometric computation.


Advanced Visual Interfaces (Sub: Nov - Dec)
Biennial conference held in May at various venues in Italy.
Special Topics: Visual Interfaces.

CG&GM: International Workshop on Computer Graphics and Geometric Modeling
Held between April and June at various International Venues.

SPM: ACM Solid and Physical Modeling Symposium
Annual conference held in various international venues.
Special Topics:Solid objects modelling.

Eurographics short papers due around this time


ACM Siggraph (Full paper sub: Dec; Sketches: Mar) URL
Annual conference held July to August in the US.

Graphics Interface [ URL ]
Annual conference held in May to June at various venues in Canada.
Special Topics: Computer graphics, interactive systems, and human-computer interaction.

ICME: IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo.
Annual conference held between June and August at various international venues.
Special Topics: Various including mulitmedia, audio, VR 3D imaging, signal processing.

EUROVIS / VisSym: Eurographics/IEEE-VGTC Symposium on Visualization (in cooperation with ACM/SIGGRAPH) [Last checked : 2015]
Annual Conference held in May in Europe
Special Topics: Visualization

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